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Gondola Experience

Newport Beach, CA

Quick Details

Duration: 50 minutes
Availability: Daily, 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Capacity: 6 passengers

2 Passengers
Additional Passengers

A perfect introduction to the gondola experience!

Imagine gliding through the canals of Venice, overlooking the bay under the twilight. Now, you can evoke all the romance and lively fun that is synonymous with Italy right here in California with our gondola experience.

Your charming gondolier rows you across the beautiful bay, through the canals, and beneath the picturesque skyline for a taste of Venice in Newport Beach. They make your experience even more authentic by singing traditional songs or playing the perfect music for the moment.

This signature gondola cruise is an unforgettable way to see Newport Beach from a new perspective. Book your gondola experience today!

You can upgrade your cruise to include wine or Champagne or personalize it with other fun options. See our Cruise Upgrades page for pricing.