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Gondola Adventures®, Inc. - Est. 1993

Gondola Adventures®, Inc. provides the finest gondola cruises in Newport Beach, CA, and Irving, TX.

Gondola Adventures began in Newport Beach in 1993, when the owner proposed to his wife on a gondola and fell in love with these beautiful boats.  Since then, the operation has expanded to Irving, Texas and the company has consulted on numerous gondola operations around the United States and beyond.

Company highlights

Gondola Adventures operates 15 gondolas in California and 12 gondolas in Texas.

Our company is frequently asked to consult on start-up and existing gondola operations.

Our owner, affectionately known as “Gondola Greg,” is the President of the Gondola Society of America, and the foremost authority on gondolas and Venice in the English-speaking world.

Our company has been featured on the cover of American Way (American Airlines’ in-flight magazine), on numerous television shows and Hollywood movies, in commercials, in print advertising, and in local and national newspapers.  Gondola Greg has been interviewed for organizations such as National Geographic, The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and for articles in the New York Times, Associated Press, and the Wall Street Journal.

Our boats

Gondola Adventures operates three types of gondolas: authentic Venetian gondolas (imported from Venice), neo-Venetian electric gondolas with canopy covers, and American-built rowing gondolas.  The flagship vessels are the authentic Venetian gondolas – the Venetians have been making gondolas for nearly 1,000 years, and it is truly an art form. These vessels are propelled by oar and oarlock (“remo e’ forcola”) in the manner that gondolas are traditionally rowed in Venice, Italy.

Gondola Adventures has the only operating wedding gondolas west of the Mississippi. Wedding gondolas have carved decks and the most ornate decorations. One of our wedding gondolas, the Lucia, has a canopy cover (available upon request).

Our neo-Venetian gondolas have silent electric motors, so the gondoliers steer rather than row. Some gondolas are all black, while others are mahogany and black with inlaid roses and beautiful canopy covers.  The elegant and distinctive interiors surround you in comfort. These more contemporary crafts have a little more range and can, if requested in advance, travel further (which is nice in a harbor that is six miles long from end to end).

Our American-built rowing gondolas are a recent addition to the fleet, acquired in 2016 when Gondola Adventures merged with Gondola Company of Newport.  They were built in Southern California and mimic the style of the Venetian gondolas. While all of our gondolas are authorized to carry up to six passengers, the American-built gondolas excel in that department – with wider seating areas and excellent stability.

Our services, gondolas, and attention to detail are unparalleled.