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November 2012 – Gondola Adventures was featured in Travel+Leisure Magazine’s 2012 article on The World’s Most Beautiful Canal Cities.  Our very own Gondola Greg is mentioned and quoted in the first two paragraphs of the article, and a link to Gondola Adventures’ website is provided on the page dedicated to the canals of Newport Beach.

For a vacation sure to float your boat, head to one of these beautiful canal cities or regions.
From November 2012 By Kelly LackA gondolier skillfully maneuvers his black vessel down a canal. “Buona sera!” calls the resident of a waterfront home. Asked to name the place, you’d likely roll your eyes and say Venice. But you’d be wrong.

This scene plays out in Newport Beach, CA, where locals really do greet passing gondolas in Italian for kicks, according to Greg Mohr, president of Newport’s Gondola Adventures, Inc. “Some Realtors even mention ‘having gondolas pass by’ as a selling point when showing homes on the canals,” he says.

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