Double Your Money (In A Day!)


Trust us, you’re going to want to get out of the house as soon as this stay-at-home order is over. ⁣⁣ ⁣ Purchase a Gondola Adventures Newport Beach gift card for any amount and watch your money double in one day! For any gift card purchased between now and March 30, your card balance will increase…

Valentine’s Day is 10 Days Away


There exactly 10 days until Valentine’s Day! Plan ahead, book a gondola cruise and give your loved on an experience they’ll never forget. If you needed a few reasons why you should book a gondola cruise, we’ve got you covered. It is an experience. Everyone gives and gets chocolates and flowers. Only a few get chocolates,…


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25 Best Things to Do in Newport Beach

Vacation Idea recommends Gondola Adventures as one of the 25 Best Things to Do in Newport Beach. “Gondola Adventures offers a romantic cruise along the Newport Harbor in an original Venetian gondola. Your excursion can even feature a singing gondolier if you wish. Watch the sunset, have a glass of champagne and a picnic lunch or…

American Way Magazine Cover

April 2011 – Gondola Adventures was featured on the cover of American Way magazine, American Airlines’ in-flight publication. The magazine was available in the seat-backs of all American Airlines flights, worldwide, for a two week period. The photograph features one of our authentic Venetian gondolas, as well as…

Newport Beach Independent Online

July 2016 –  An Italian-Style Gondola Cruise in Newport Harbor “Want an unusual way to cruise Newport Harbor this summer? How about a unique romantic date? Whatever the occasion, one of the best ways to get out on the water is to do it in a gondola.”  Read the article here.

Travel+Leisure Magazine

November 2012 – Gondola Adventures was featured in Travel+Leisure Magazine’s 2012 article on The World’s Most Beautiful Canal Cities.  Our very own Gondola Greg is mentioned and quoted in the first two paragraphs of the article, and a link to Gondola Adventures’ website is provided on the page dedicated to the canals of Newport Beach. For a vacation sure…

Louis Leeman Print Ad

May 2013 –  Gondola Adventures provided an authentic Venetian gondola for a still photo shoot in Malibu.  The gondola was photographed crashing into a mansion, complete with a smoke machine and a live leopard on deck.  Gondola, custom-striped oar, striped poles, and gondolier’s hat were provided by Gondola Adventures. The ad was for Louis Leeman men’s…